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Meet Barbara

Barbara Rossman is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC), credentialed by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. Barbara completed her Bachelor's (B.S. in Psychology at Syracuse University) and received her Master's (M.S.) in Applied Psychology, Practitioner Specialization from the University of Baltimore in 2022. 

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Barbara's Therapeutic Approach

Barbara is a person-centered therapist drawing from an array of evidence-based modalities. She incorporates CBT, ACT, mindfulness-based practices, somatic modalities, existential therapy and emotion regulation techniques into her work. 

An empathic and trauma-informed counselor, Barbara brings with her a body of knowledge on holistic wellness and complementary medicine. She has earned certifications in the study of clinical herbalism and nutritional wellness. Barbara has also attended workshops on meditation practices, humanistic psychology and  Neurogenic Yoga™. Here at Resonate Counseling Services, she incorporates her experience as a holistic wellness consultant and educator into her counseling work.

Believing strongly that knowledge is power, sessions with Barbara include psycho-education that fosters self-awareness to help release blocks that are rooted in trauma. A passionate believer and advocate of the healing and restoring power of the natural world, Barbara weaves earth-based therapies, principles of yoga, and eastern philosophies such as tai chi, Buddhism, and grounding exercises into her practice.

“I’m devoted to fostering a safe, compassionate space where your concerns are heard and your opinion valued. I love working with individuals in a capacity where I can help them connect to and engage from the heart and break free of behaviors that were once useful but are no longer effective. Each of us has our own unique healing journey. Together, we will decide on a tailored approach to address your specific needs leading to the resolution and healing of your mental health concerns. I'm here with you, providing support and guidance as you discover more balance, inner peace and joy.

How can I support you in evolving from surviving to thriving? Please reach out- let’s talk!”

A Message from Barbara

Barbara Outside of the Office

Outside of the office, Barbara enjoys attending live music, communing with nature, gardening, yoga, hiking, travelling and spending time with her family, friends and pets.

Contact Info:

Phone: 667-217-2257

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